Hey! My name’s Chad. :]

Austin | Since 2017

I’m a 30-something year old accountant turned professional photographer. You can usually find me in Austin, Texas–where I have my studio–but if I’m not there, I’m probably traveling internationally in hopes of filling my passport with stamps.

My Story

I grew up in a small, rural town in South Carolina, where I mostly ran around with a 35mm (until the digital camera boom of course). At 13, my artistic passions started budding when I went on my first international adventure to Australia. For an entire month, I experienced so many new cultures, cuisines, and colloquialisms. I captured an extensive array of breathtaking images, and I felt so free and so small in all the right ways–making me crave more immediately.

As an angsty teen, however, I decided photography could only be a hobby. I focused on a “traditional education” and landed at Clemson University. There, I majored in accounting, which propelled me into a couple of great jobs before pursing my master’s (also in accounting) at University of Miami. Skipping some of the more boring details, my career spring-boarded me to Austin, where I’ve now been for almost five years.


In the midst of the pandemic, I realized I no longer wanted to rot behind a desk. I felt so unfulfilled; so on March 15, 2021, I walked away from my accounting gig, and I threw myself fully into what I love.

I now get to hang out with cool people every day and photograph them. I get to show them the beauty + bad-assery they can’t see in a mirror, and that fills my cup.

I’d love to be part of your story, and I’d love to capture you–the true you.